Transforming Preaching

Rooted in a clear understanding of the indispensable authority of God’s Word, Transforming Preaching provides a wealth of practical wisdom and advice for anyone approaching the task of preaching for the first time. It also serves as a useful refresher for all who want to increase the effectiveness of their preaching ministry. Basing his advice on the latest research into the way people listen, learn and grow in the Christian life, David Heywood looks at ways of constructing and delivering successful sermons, while also providing a stimulating guide to the principles and benefits of interactive preaching.

transforming preaching cover

 ‘Accessible, practical, challenging and profound, Transforming Preaching is a “must” for anyone who preaches, who wants to preach, and who wants to preach in fresh and creative ways … The sermon is an event and David Heywood makes that event life-giving and life-changing in this new and exciting book.’

Helen-Ann Hartley, Bishop of Ripon

‘Drawing on his considerable expertise in the field of adult learning, David Heywood develops a view of preaching as an agent of change. He is not interested in sermons that keep congregations occupied for fifteen minutes but make no lasting difference to the reality of their discipleship or the quality of community life. This is a thoughtful and well-argued book that shows, with a wealth of practical examples, how preaching can play a major part in the transformation of the Church.’

David Day, Tutor, The College of Preachers, Nottingham.

Transforming Preaching is a beautifully clear, wise and practical book, which will guide those who are learning to preach and refresh those who have been preaching for many years. In a time when preaching’s educational value is sometimes dismissed, I especially welcome the author’s reclamation of preaching as an event through which genuine learning can and should take place. I recommend it without hesitation to all who want their preaching to serve the process of human transformation.’

Stephen I. Wright, Tutor in Biblical Studies and Practical Theology, Spurgeon’s College, London

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