Part 4: Contents


The Return from Exile, Readings 278 – 295

The exiles return, but only to disappointment and frustration. The post-exilic prophets, Haggai, Zechariah, Third Isaiah and Malachi, call them to repentance and renewed obedience.

The Ritual Law, Readings 296 – 302

The sacrifical code and rituals of purity.

Hebrews, James and Matthew, Readings 303 – 322

Addressed mainly to Jewish Christians, these books point to a new way of faithfulness as disciples of Jesus.

Israel’s Faith after the Exile, Readings 323 – 332

The struggle for faithfulness under the domination of foreign powers.

Revelation, Readings 334 – 346

A vision of the culmination of all things.

John’s Gospel, Readings 347 – 365

A deep meditation on the meaning of Jesus.