Bible in One Year

‘Word of Life’ is a series of Bible studies taking the reader through the whole Bible in 365 daily readings. Unlike most Bible-in-a-year programmes, they are not tied to the date, so you can begin at any time of the year and take as long as you want to complete.

Whereas most Bible-in-one-year programmes attempt a chronological reading of Old and New Testaments, ‘Word of Life’ pays attention to the Bible’s developing understanding of God from earliest times to the full revelation of God’s nature in Jesus Christ.

On most days you will read between two and four chapters of the Bible, and for each reading there is a comment to help you to understand how the reading fits into the Bible’s ‘big story’. For each reading there is a psalm, which you can use for worship and meditation.

Over the past twenty years, ‘Word of Life’ has been used and appreciated by all kinds of people, both lay and ordained. One reader is now on his sixth reading!

Use the links on this page to explore and begin reading. Enjoy the journey!

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